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Help › Device Support

On what devices can I access EROS NOW?

Please note that Eros Now is currently available via your laptop/desktop and iPad and Android Tablets.

We are hoping to release our Apps on iPhone and Android phones soon.

Additionally, our team is developing applications for TV connected Set Top Boxes and gaming consoles.

Does EROS NOW have an app for iPad?

Yes, EROS NOW has a FREE iPad app, this can be downloaded on your iPad via the iTunes app store and install on your iPad. To register you will need to visit our website and sign up you could use the same email ID and password to login to the iPad app and enjoy watching our movies.

Can I watch EROS NOW Movies on my Apple TV?

You can connect the EROS NOW app on you iPad to your Apple TV using Airplay.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the free EROS NOW app on your iPAD from app store
  2. Setup Airplay on your iPad to connect to your Apple TV. Here are the instructions on how to setup Airplay from Apple
  3. Make sure you have set "Mirroring On" option on your Airplay setup.

How to use Airplay?

Please visit the link below for instructions on how to turn on airplay

Make sure you have turned on 'Mirroring On' to watch the content on your TV screen. Please note that currently our app airplay does not support subtitles.

I have set Airplay on my iPad but the EROS NOW app is not working on my Apple TV?

Airplay is supported on the EROS NOW iPad app.  Make sure that you have checked  "Mirroring On" option on your Airplay setup.

Logged in but Airplay is still not working?

Make sure you have turned on 'Mirroring On' to watch the content on your TV Screen. Please note that currently our app airplay does not support subtitles.

Where can I get the EROS NOW have a Android app?

EROS NOW has a FREE Android app for Tablets. This can be downloaded from Google App Store

Please note the Android is supported for verion 4.01 and later only.

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