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    Dabangg 2

    2012 | 123 min
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    27 of 127 min
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    • Overview & Episodes
    • The Glacier
    • Behind The Scenes
    • Details
    Dabangg 2 is a continuation of the amazing exploits of Chulbul 'Robin Hood' Pandey played by Salman Khan. The notable facets of the character include his nonchalance, his wry sense of humor and his tongue-in-cheek dialogues.This film begins with Chulbul (Now married to Rajjo- Sonkashi Sinha) moving on from being a local inspector in a small town Laalganj to becoming an Inspector-in-charge of Bajariya Thana, a police station in Kanpur, the largest and most populous city in Uttar Pradesh. After arriving in Kanpur, Chulbul immediately gets into action thus bringing him in conflict with Baccha Bhaiyya (Prakash Raj). If Dabangg marked the return of action films, Dabangg 2 takes it to a higher level with some of the coolest action sequences ever conceived. All in all, Dabangg 2 promises to be a full on entertainer, with Chulbul Pandey and his sunglasses. Watch the full movie Dabangg 2 online, only on Eros Now.
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    Arbaaz Khan
    English, Arabic (Eros Now Premium only)
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    Dabangg 2
    2012 | 123 min
    Dabangg 2
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