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Frequently asked Questions

What is Eros Now Premium?

Eros Now Premium gives you access to our full movie and TV catalog, including all new releases, in HD and with subtitles. In addition, you’ll have ad free access to music, music videos, trailers and Eros Now original content.

Does Eros Now Premium only offer Eros International content?

Definitely not. Eros Now strives to be the number one destination for Bollywood (Hindi) and other regional Indian content. We have and are making deals with a number of leading movie, TV and music distribution companies to offer high-quality content through Eros Now.

In which countries can I use my Eros Now Premium subscription?

Eros Now is available globally. Due to content rights restrictions, however, the movie, TV and music selection will vary from country to country.

On which devices can I use my Eros Now Premium subscription?

Eros Now Premium is available on the Web, Android, iOS, Kindle Fire and Samsung Smart TVs (2013 and later).

In which languages do you offer movies?

We offer a constantly updated catalog of hundreds of blockbuster movies in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Punjabi. In the future, we’ll be adding content from other regional Indian languages.

For which languages do you have subtitles?

Currently, you can turn on English subtitles for most of our movies. Arabic subtitles are available for some of our movies.

Can I cancel my Eros Now Premium subscription anytime?

Yes. Your Eros Now subscription will auto-renew every month or year depending on the subscription you select. You can cancel your subscription anytime from account settings.

What are the requirements to use Eros Now Premium subscription?

For system and connectivity requirements, click here

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