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    One Two Three

    2008 | 136 min
    Upgrade for HD
    27 of 127 min
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    • Overview & Episodes
    • The Glacier
    • Behind The Scenes
    • Details

    and 41 others favourited this movie.


    The first Laxmi Narayan ( Tusshar Kapoor) is a wannabe hitman who is desperately trying to gain a foothold in the underworld. The second Laxmi Narayan (Sunile Shetty) works for his boss and thinks the boss can never go wrong. The third Laxmi Narayan (Paresh Rawal) deals in women's lingerie. Each of them comes on a business trip to Pondicherry and they check in into the same hotel. The person the three of them are supposed to meet, end up meeting the Laxmi Narayan, they were never meant to meet.
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    One Two Three
    2008 | 136 min
    One Two Three
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