In a small village there are two friends, Ganga and Jamuna. They love each other a lot. They cannot live without each other. They are ever ready to sacrifice their lives for each other. Ganga is a farmers daughter while Jamuna is a landlords daughter. Once the two friends promise each other that until the spinster the bride she wont marry. And the two of them would keep the promise even if they have to sacrifice their life. One day Ganga finds a young man Shyam drowning in the river. Ganga saves Shyam's life by putting her own life in danger. She brings him to her house and looks after him. She falls in love with Shyam. Shyam falls in love with Jamuna at first sight. Few days later time plays a major role. One day Shyams daddy come to the same village. The villagers come to know through Shyams daddy that both Ganga and Jamuna love Shyam. Due to this distance grows between the two friends. Later Jamuna and Shyam are engaged. On the eve of marriage both the families rejoins and music is being played. After this there are many ups and downs in the story. To know what will happen next? Who will say to whom.... Ab To Aaja Saajan Mere.