Jankiraman alias Johny is a hoodlum, who lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother. He comes across Sandhya Anand, a pretty young woman, who hails from a rich family. Soon the two become good friends. In due course Jankiraman falls in love with her. However, to his dismay he finds out that Sandhya regards him just as a friend as she asks him to choose a groom for her. A broken-hearted Jankiraman, unable to convey his true feelings, chooses the only son of a politician for her. Sandhya instantly approves of his choice and soon gets engaged to him. Shortly thereafter Jankiramans life spirals out of control as his mother passes away, and he gets into a confrontation with a hoodlum -- and it is during this confrontation that will lead to even more changes in his life.
All Ages
Suitable for All