Three friends Aarush , Ali and Tanmay are doing well in Australia. The trio has had countless women in their lives without even carrying for their feelings. One morning they find an abandoned baby outside their house with a letter mentioned take care of your daughter. The trio has no option but to take care of the baby which gives a hard time doing her daily cores with no sleep they decide to locate the child's mother and make a list of women they all dated and eventually get beaten up. Aarush and Ali lose their job when they aren't bale to concentrate on it due to lack of sleep while Ali loses a lot of money in a cricket match beating. On the eve of Christmas night they leave the baby outside the Church in heavy rain soon they realize their mistake and go take her back a drowned baby is taken to hospital where the doctor tells she has less chances of survival. They all pray for her life and finally she is back to normal. Trio asks her for forgiveness and starts taking care of her as their father 's and give her the name Angel. Everything is going well until Angel's mother Isha arrives and takes her back leaving them depressed.