Balmukund and Jaikishan both the brothers become prosperous with Blessings of Goddess Shakumbhari Devi. Balmukund establish the factory, Jaikishan settled in America with his family. Their children become young. Balmukund surrounded by problems. Jaikishan comes back India with family to help the brother. He lost his bag of dollars. At the time of difficulties the messenger of Maa Shakumbhari reminds them their commitment with Goddess Shakumbhari Devi.Abhishek the son of Jaikishan is in love with Pooja who is the daughter of Poojari and a devotee Shakumbhari Devi. Urmila the wife of Jaikishan stops their marriage as her so-called brother Bahuram (Bob), which is arranged by the Goddess Shakumbhari Devi. Urmila tortures Pooja and throws her out of the home with the help of Bob. Bob plans to capture the property of Urmila and to kill Abhishek with the help of Aghori.