Suresh, Son of Swarupchand a cunning and greedy businessman of Bombay is a heart and soul pursuer of Art and avoids business like anything. Hiralal, a Mill owner and a businessman of Bombay loves money more than his only beautiful daughter Malti. He has been postponing her marriage for want of suitable bridegroom who does not love money. Now when he learns that Suresh, son of one of his sub-agents, is an honest and kicks money like anything, he decides to marry Malti with Suresh. He sends a notice to Swarupchand to pay off the old debts within a very short period of time. In the absence of any solution, Suresh has to go to Delhi to auction the house of Prakashchandra to pay off the debt of Hiralal. He meets his dream beauty in Lata, who is daughter of Prakashchndra the owner of the house to be auctioned. They get married.Meanwhile, Swarupchand goes to Hirala regarding the extension of the time limit and Hirala proposes marriage of Suresh and Malti in consideration of millions of rupees, cars and bungalows, but all after his death. Malti is in love with Romesh but her father destroys his full life. Suresh adopted a diamond cuts policy and succeeds in his mission of art with glorious triumph. The fathers felt ashamed while Suresh got Lata and Romesh got Malti.