Kaali lives a middle class life with his sister Seeta in a shanty house. He works at a small train station nearby with an engineer called Vinay. Kaali is the eldest in his household and is stern and class-conscious about his sister, also keeping tabs on who she does or does not meet. One day, he meets up with Mangla, his sister's friend. Mangla wants to marry Kaali as she is in love with him but he does not reciprocate her love. After a confrontation with his sister, he realizes he's in love with Mangla and they both get married. A few days later Kaali comes across an accident and looses his left, holding Vinay responsible for the accident. In the meanwhile, Vinay falls head over heels in love with Kaali's sister Seeta but Kaali rejects him since he is responsible for Kaali's condition. Watch what happens next.