Zindagi Aur Maut-Life & death, two common phenomena associated with all living beings. But when the calamity is embracing the whole nation, it is not just of few individuals who die but thousands, lakhs and even millions. It is to avoid such disasters that hand-picked, super courageous, intelligent men work round-the-clock to uncover plots, treacheries, espionage that is the core and substance of this story as a gang of spies tries to remove from this country a microfilm on which are recorded some of our top army secrets which in enemy's hands would spell tremendous danger in case of an armed conflict. Two brave intelligence officers Ashok (Pradeep Kumar) and Mirza (Anwar Hussein) are deputed to track down the gang and recover the microfilm. The adventures they go through are gruesome before they bring the entire gang and their leader Roy played by N.A. Ansari to book. Johnny Walker as the benevolent collaborator with the secret service officers gives a new comedy twist to the suspense. Faryal an innocent victim of the spy makes a lovely foil for Pradeep Kumar and Neelofer as always is the ideal mall girl, but "Zindagi Aur Maut" has all breathless moments of suspense and terror that are inseparable from all hair raising Espionage Dramas.