Raghavan (Kamal Haasan) is an honest cop in tam Nadu. His wife Kayalvizhi (Kamalinee Mukerji) dies in a violent incident. Arokiyaraj (Prakash Raj) is his colleague. Raghavan is deputized to investigate Arokiya Raj's daughter Rani's murder in some remote village in tam Nadu. Arokiya Raj shifts his base to New York after his daughter's murder.After 9 months; Raghavan receives message about the gruesome murder of Arokiya Raj and his wife. He proceeds to New York to conduct preliminary investigations; with the help of NYPD detective Anderson. There; he saves Aradhana Arun (Jyothika) from committing suicide due to problems with her estranged husband. Raghavan unearths a series of murders of young girls murdered in New York. He finds a pattern in those murders and finds resemblance to Arokiyaraj's daughter's murder in India. He now starts on the trail of the serial killer; a hunt that will take him across India and U.S.A
Alcohol, Foul Language, Frightening Scenes