In a remote village near Theni, Thangapandi (Suryah) is the son of Malaisamy (Vijayakumar). The latter had once enjoyed huge wealth. His honest ways of living brings him admiration from the villagers. Thangapandi, a carefree youth, falls in love with Mayyakka (Meera Jasmine). Mayyakka is a poor woman, who earns her livelihood selling pots. Thangapandi gets acquainted with her and they resolve to get married. Enter Thangapandi's relative Rasaathi (Preethi Verma), who wants to marry him. Meanwhile Malaisamy, the man with a noble heart, promises his friend Sivalingam (Radha Ravi), a rich landlord in the village, that he would arrange for Thangapandi's wedding with his physically challenged daughter Vairam (Lakshana). Things go awry when Thangapandi tells about his love for Mayyakka to his family. Malaisamy dies without his last wish being fulfilled. All blame falls on Thangapandi. What will Thangapandi do now?