Karthik (Vinay) is your typical software pro. Full of zest and playful energy, he flirts endlessly but harmlessly with women His love life had an abrupt end as his lover Jhansi (Sada) had walked out on him. Jhansi, in a sense, is the mirror opposite of Karthik. If he is an outgoing, fun-filled extrovert, she is laconic, introspective simple girl. The opposites were initially attracted to each other. But as it happens, she is also repelled for obvious reasons. Karthik takes the split with his typical carefree attitude while Jhansi goes to Australia for higher studies. Karthik also lands up in Melbourne as he is sent there on an official assignment. The playful Karthik runs into a vivacious Deepika (Tanisha) in his flight. She has the same kind of zeal for life as Karthik has. She understands his mind and tries to help Karthik and Jhansi join hands again. But in a quirk of fate, Deepika too is attracted by the vibrancy of Karthik. Caught between his old flame, wo can be very difficult to handle, and a new one, who is all fun and games, Karthik has to decide on which girl to walk the aisle with.
Suitable for All