Sathyam (Vishal), an assistant police commissioner believes that a cop's duty is to kill crime, not criminals. Sathyam meets his first challenge in tracking a mysterious killer of three ministers. In the process, he finds the culprit Manickvel (Upendra). This is a shock. For, the murderer is none other than a former police officer, who inspired Sathyam to take the cop job. Revealing the reason behind his change of mind, the ex-cop says that he is on a killing spree as he failed to set right things in khakhi uniform. Sathyam, who throws a challenge at his mentor that he would use the power of law to put the wrongdoers behind the bars, vows to throw light on the illegal activities of the Home minister (Kota Srinivasa Rao), who aims at the Chief Minister post. During his attempts to establish truth, Sathyam faces various troubles. He realises power and money comes as a hindrance in his path to victory. He will have to conquer all this to come out with the truth.