Krishnamurthy, aka JK (Cheran), a fatigued CB-CID officer, is on the verge of handing in his resignation, tortured by his sister's disappearance, a case he's been investigating without result for three months. His superior Chandramouli refuses to accept his resignation. He instead presents to him a desperate situation: random cardboard boxes are discovered all over the city, with severed hands in them. The forensic team swarms all over it. JK accepts the case unwillingly, roping in the expertise of Judas Iscariot (Jayaprakash), the pathologist who performs the post-mortems and delivers his verdict. In the meantime, more severed hands are found, even as young girls begin to disappear around the city. The two cases in tandem confuse the police, even as JK painstakingly analyses evidence, follows leads, questions suspects and finds out that somehow, there must be a relation between the two. Twists are revealed one by one, characters change colour conversations are dripping with hidden meanings. JK perseveres, going through knife-fights like a pro and edges closer and closer to the truth.