Muskan and Jay love each other however at the insistence of her parents, Muskan marries a rich businessman, Sunny Leading a heartbroken Jay to commits suicide. While Sunny and Muskan, happily married, go on their honeymoon to a resort in Kerala. Sunny starts seeing Jay's ghost in several forms making him delirious and leaving Muskan wanting to go back. As the duo miss their flight, the duo is stuck at the resort, where Sunny continues to see Jay's ghost. Finally, when they are on their way back to Bombay by car, Muskan and Sunny are attacked by a group of goons who try to kidnap her. Sunny foils their plans. Back in Bombay, Sunny is still haunted by the ghost. One night, he finds Muskan romancing Jay's ghost in her sleep. For a change from all that's going on in their lives, the couple goes to the house of Muskan's parents. What happens there? Does Sunny find out about Muskan ex-boyfriend? What happens when Muskan learns that it is Jay's ghost that is haunting her husband? What were the exact circumstances of Jay's death?