Major Yamraj Singh and Professor Durander Lal have been friends for many years, live as neighbors, share meals, and would like their respective children, Raja and Rani to get married. At a well organized reception, they do announce their official engagement, little knowing that both dislike each other. While Rani is not decided about her future partner, Raja likes Manjit Singh, the daughter of Dildar Singh, who owns a transport business. Then their lives are turned upside down when Yamraj becomes a suspect for the police for allegedly selling drugs and firearms. He is held in prison, and Durander refuses to assist him in any way. The one who comes to Yamraj's rescue is Dildar, who arranges for his bail. Raja and Rani then find that they do like each other, but now their dads will not permit them to see each other, leave alone marry. They must find out what Yamraj's involvement is that has brought him under the scrutiny of the police, and if not, who is behind the conspiracy of framing him.