Ashwin(Jiiva) is a photojournalist for a Tamil Daily, "Dina Anjal", he is super popular for his great pictures. There are also other journalists for the daily, Saro(Pia) who is in charge of the entertainment section; and Renuka(Karthika) who covers sensational news. (You guessed it! Triangular Love Story) Elections are coming up in TN, and the two major canidates are : Yogeswaran(Prakash Raj), and Alavadhan( Kota Srinivas Rao); they do anything they can to "win" the hearts of the people. Ashwin and Renuka uncover their true colors to the society, which helps Vasanthan(Ajmal) and his party, get popular among the masses. As people, concentrate more on him, he ends up winning the people with his good deeds; since he actually wants clean politics. Sadly during a Election rally a bomb goes off and Saro ends up dying. Now its up to Ashwin and Renuka to find the people behind it. The Climax is shocking.
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