Nambirajan (Sathyaraj) and Visky (Gowdamani) are friends. Both of them are very helpful to Arivudaiyan MLA (Nasser) with all his work. These two are like family friends. In this situation, Nambirajan's sister loves a rich boy. The boy's father Rajan P.Dev makes arrangements for an engagement. In the function, Rajan talks ill about Nambirajan's poverty and insults him. He says he would wed his son with Nambirajan's sister only when Nambirajan becomes a richman. He also says he would wed his daughter (Abitha) to Nambirajan at that time. Sathyaraj accept this challenge. "Thilakan party" leader, Arivudaiyan is not given MLA seat. So he decides to stand in election as an individual party as he has lots of influence in that area. Knowing this the Thilakan party people murder Arivudaiyan. The rest of the story is about how Sathyaraj stands in the election and wins it, then goes on to become the CM, and how he exposes the fraud and forgery of the existing two parties.