Azhagesan (Sathyaraj), a mentally retarded man, loves his cousin Nandini (Prema), a college student. Azhagesan works hard in Neelakandan's house for few coins. Neelakandan (Pithamagan Mahadevan), the village landlord, has a son Sekhar (Manoj K. Jayan) who is a womaniser. Chandra, Nandini's college professor, falls in love with Nandini, he proposes to marry her and she accepts. Sekhar, who has an eye on Nandini, is humiliated and slapped by Nandini. Sekhar evicts Nandini and Nandini's grandmother (Manorama) from their house. Her marriage is immediately stopped and her grandmother falls ill. Azhagesan accommodates them in his house. Nandini's grandmother dies and Nandini is raped by Sekhar. Nandini begins to feel sympathy for Sekhar, she aborts with Neelakandan's daughter support. Neelakandan requests Nandini to come in his house and they can prepare for the marriage but she refuses and Azhagesan humiliates Neelakandan. Sekhar decides to kill Azhagesan. First, he kills Azhagesan's family friend Govinda (Delhi Ganesh). Neelakandan dies because of his illness. Sekhar's henchmen beats Azhagesan and Nandini kills Sekhar. Few years later, she is released from the jail and live happily with Azhagesan.
Suitable for All