Dr. Deepak (Uttam Kumar) falls in love with Asha (Sharmila Tagore), who comes from a very poor family. Their relationship is not approved by Deepak's father citing Asha's caste and creed. Deepak forsakes his family wealth and marries Asha. Their life soon turns to tragedy when Asha dies during child birth and Deepak is left to look after his new born son. Things take a turn when the child lands at his grandfathers house and he is raised as Pratap by Deepak's father. After many years later Pratap (Rakesh Roshan) has grown up to be a doctor and meets with a beautiful woman named Kiran (Moushumi Chatterjee), her father (Utpal Dutt) and an elderly man named Doctor. Pratap is disturbed after meeting doctor as he seems to know him very well. Doctor wants him to leave his job at the chemical company and start practicing medicine in the small town where they live. Nobody knows that the doctor is Deepak himself, the biological father of Pratap. Will father and son unite? Will Deepak's orthodox father have a change of heart?