The city is being shaken by many heart-stopping crimes taking place at different places. Young women are being molested and killed with alarming frequency. Velu helps his father Subramaniam in stealing. Being seasoned thieves, they rob everything right from pins to cars. A spate of young women are murdered and these developments rock the city. A tough cop investigates the case. However differences of opinions crop between the Police Commissioner and the policeman over the inquiry. One day Velu saves the Commissioner from a meeting,in order to steal Commissioner Car's Audio Player his end and gets acquainted with him. Velu then begins to fall for a girl named Janani who works in a bank. One day when Velu withdraws money he is shocked to find the balance amount to be Rs. Five Lakhs. It suddenly swells to Rs 30 lakh and reaches Rs 70 lakh. That s when Prakash Raj realizes that this is no mere coincidence. Someone was smartly using them as a pawn to cover up for other more serious activities. They were being used as the 'third man', a pretty common term in criminal parlance. Before they realize, all of them are caught in the web that was laid out. Who laid it out, how and why and do they eventually come out of it forms Alibaba. Velu's father comes to his rescue and manages to find the reason behind it. When the family begins to find out the reason behind this act, it results in bloodshed and gore eventually ending up in Velu coming across the killers of young women in the city.