If you thought you ve seen enough of interesting love stories than you re in for a rollicking ride as Aga Bai Arechyaa 2 will definitely surprise you. Vikram, a writer meets Shubhangi who leads a mysterious life. She reveals that her touch is cursed in a way that the moment she comes in contact with the person she loves, he dies. Curious he decides to know and she starts narrating her not-so-happy yet comical love stories and during these sessions, the two end up falling in love with each other. Vikram proposes to Shubhangi, but she refuses knowing that her touch could prove fatal for him. But, he promises no contact and yet to love her all his life. Overwhelmed by his gesture, she decides to get married to him and then what blooms later is a beautiful tale that will definitely make you fall head over heels in love with them.