Bodinayakanur Ganesan is a story of two individuals, one who courts success and the other who courts disaster and failure throughout life. Their paths cross far too often and it leads to confrontations. Harikumar (Ganesan) plays the ideal son of a middle class father while Sai Ravi (Thiruvaachi) plays the son of an affluent man of the same village. No prizes for guessing who is the one with a bright future ahead of him Harikumar! He studies well, does all things right and is sometimes an object of envy for the affluent dad who wants his son too to follow the same path. And, in that effort he chides him a bit too much which has a negative effect. Thiruvaachi goes haywire in life and nurses a grouse against Ganesan because he thinks that it is the presence of Ganesan that made his dad have unrealistic expectations of him.