The word 'Shareek' may refer to 'sharing' in the dictionary but in Punjab, it had always been opposite to it. As time flies, one doesn t even notice how and when two brothers become enemies. Brothers are brothers and their children become cousins. But for the feudal society of Punjab, the word 'cousins' stands for 'shareeks' and 'shareeks' stand for 'enemies'. Just for the ownership of a piece of land, the cousins wage a ruthless war between themselves. For centuries, this phenomenon has taken its toll and never stopped. The film 'Shareek' with all the emotion, romance, thrill and action, addresses this menace strongly. With Jassa, the protagonist and Dara, the antagonist, the story aims at asking our society why, when and how we can stop out race from killing each other just for a piece of land that would not belong to us after the last breath deceives us.