Pongalo Pongal is a comedy Tamil film directed by V. Sekhar starring, Vignesh, Vadivelu, Charle, Chinni Jayanth and Vivek in lead roles. Subramani (Vignesh), Vellaisamy (Vadivelu), Arumugam (Charle) and Ponrasu (Chinni Jayanth) are four friends from poor family; they are graduate but they cannot find a job. Their fathers feel that they are good-for-nothing and decide to corrupt the politician Anja Nenjam (Thyagu) to find them a decent job. Anja Nenjam is linked to Pannaiyar (Malaysia Vasudevan), a ruthless landlord who exploited the villagers. Pannaiyar orders him to flee with their money, otherwise nobody will respect him. Their friend Pazhanisamy (Vivek), who is supposed to be a supervisor in the city, is back to his village and was also cheated by Anja Nenjam. The five friends decide to become milk suppliers in their village.