Big Boss is a dubbed movie in Malayalam from Telugu called Muthu Mestri. It stars the Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi with Meena & Roja. Bose (Chiranjeevi) is a very patriotic man who fights for the rights of the local market workers against Aatma (Sharat Saxena), a underworld don. Seeing his dedication for helping the working poor, the Chief Minister (Gummadi Venkateswara Rao) asks him to enter politics. As a politician, he takes charge of a special branch of commandos and destroys Sharat Saxena's illegal operations. In retaliation Sharat Saxena has Bose's sister falsely implicated in a prostitution case, after which she commits suicide on the court steps. Bose resigns from his position and takes revenge on Sharat Saxena. Finally, he returns to his old life at the market.