The story revolves around Manikyan (Mohanlal), Sreekrishnan(Nedumudi Venu) and Karthumbi (Shobana) and the love triangle between them. Manikyan works for Sreekrishnan and Sreekrishnan sees him like a brother. Once when they both are returning from a Mela after shopping, Sreekrishnan sees Karthumbi and gets attracted. But then a fight erupts there and they all have to flee. Sreekrishnan flees alone while Manikyan has to take Karthumbi with him. At night, he flees in the opposite direction and so loses his way. Karthumbi knows the way back but she pretends as if she does not know it and enjoys the fun. Manikyan has to struggle to get out of that place. During that time they fall in love.Once they are back in Manikyan's village, Sreekrishnan proposes her and plans to get married to her. Manikyan can not resist because Sreekrishnan is like an elder brother to him. But Karthumbi opposes. When Sreekrishnan gets to know about this, he gets angry and Manikyan becomes his enemy and he tries to take revenge. Finally Sreekrishnan understands his mistakes and he marries the woman who has been loving him for so long while Manikyan unites with Karthumbi.