Yuvraj Vijay Singh, a prince of Pritampur, is soon to be crowned as king and is engaged to Princess Maithili, but due to his stiff and stubborn nature, Vijay faces many problems with Maithili as well as with his brother and sisters. His step sisters, Rajkumari Chandrika and Rajkumari Radhika, live in a separate house outside the royal palace, while his step brother Yuvraj Ajay Singh wants to kill him and take the crown with the aid of his manager Chirag Singh, who is misguiding Ajay at every step. Yuvraj Vijay barely escapes a plan coordinated by Yuvraj Ajay and Chirag to kill him but gets badly injured. He's hidden in a secret chamber maintained by two doctors. Meanwhile, Vijay's lookalike Prem Dilwale, a perky, lively and carefree stage actor who falls in love with Princess Maithili, reaches Pritampur to meet her along with his friend Kanhaiya. At a bus stop, the Security Head of Pritampur Palace named Sanjay, notices him by chance and takes him to Diwan Sahib. Upon witnessing the striking resemblance between Prem and Yuvraj Vijay, diwan asks Prem to take Yuvraj Vijay's place while Yuvraj recovers from coma. Prem acts as Yuvraj Vijay but with his simple and caring nature, he impresses Maithili who earlier wanted to break up with Vijay.