Bammera Potana is a staunch devotee of Lord Rama. He lived a pious life with his wife Narasamamba, son Mallanna and daughter Lakshmi in Ekasilapuram. Lord Rama appears before him and orders him to translate Bhagavatam into Telugu language. Sarada daughter of his brother-in-law Srinatha lived with his family after death of her mother. King Sarvagna Singabhoopala sends Srinatha to convince Potana to dedicate the Bhagavatam to him. Potana refused the request and dedicated his work to Lord Rama. The King's attempt to forcibly take it and abandon them from his kingdom. His intensions were nullified by divine intervention. The King realizes his mistake and brings back Potana and his family to the Kingdom and gave them necessary support leading a respectable life.