Kinnaram is a Comedy, Malayalam film directed by Sathyan Anthikkad starring Sukumaran, Poornima Jayram and Nedimudi Venu. Unni and Sethu are two bachelor friends fond of music and staying at music director s home. One day, Unni gets a letter from his father, asking him to receive Radha, daughter of his friend who will be arriving at Chennai to join at a company for a job. Both Unni and Sethu fall for her instantly. Radha is accommodated at their colleagues place. As she approached late after the joining date, Radha is denied the job. Sethu then helps her in getting another job. This creates a friction in the friendship between Unni and Sethu. One day Radha introduces them to Balachandran, whom she addresses as her fianc ! Realizing their foolishness, Sethu and Unni patches up and reaches back home happily. But at home, Sethu gets a letter from his father informing the arrival of daughter of one of his friend in Chennai. As both rushes to railway station to pick her up, the cards starts rolling.