Amritsar's headstrong lass, Happy, absolutely refuses to marry Bagga, a local politician who is the arranged match her father has found for her. Bagga's high-handedness and crooked ways force Happy to plan an elopement with her musician boyfriend, Guddu. Escaping her engagement ceremony, Happy jumps into the wrong truck and instead of a safe haven found by Guddu, lands across the border in Lahore. She arrives in a wicker basket at the unsuspecting household of Bilal, whose father is an important politician. Bilal is at his wit's end as to how to deal with an Indian stowaway, given the public scrutiny his family puts up with. He thus hatches a plan to fetch her boyfriend from India, get them hitched and send them back. His fiancee, Zoya, who is very suspicious of Happy is finally convinced that this indeed is just an unfortunate comedy of errors and agrees to become a part of this grand plan to marry off Happy to Guddu. Thus, ensue journeys from Lahore to Amritsar and vice-versa, with Bagga and his goons wreaking havoc, ACP Afridi's Urdu stunning one and all and, ultimately, Happy's over-enthusiasm that usually ends in one disaster after another.