Mask Killers surrounded a guy and killing, Doctor Chandran (MGR) passing the way, he gets into fight with those people and harried to police station nearby meantime those killers escaped with dead body. Chandran joins hands with police to investigate the crime. Doctor Chandran is very generous guy, serving for poor. Another side Mani (Ashokan) appointed as a cashier at V.K. Ramasamy finance company. Another attack by mask killers when M.R.Radha and V.K.Ramasamy going in the car with money. Doctor Chandran help them out and he identify the person in the plot. Mani is staging drama to get money of M.R. Radha. Meantime MGR fall in love with Sivagami (Saroja Devi) Radha's daughter. But Radha arranges the marriage for Sivagami and Mani. Sivagami refused to marry Mani. Things get tightened the neck of Radha when Chandran goes to police. M.R.Radha accepted Chandran and sivagami love. At the climax Chandran and cops plays drama to find the mask killer. Will killer's mask tear? Sivagmi and Chandran get marry? Remain story 'll cover up these questions. This movie is kind of suspense thriller, every scene depicted some kind of suspecting scenes who's killer?