Anal Roy is a famous director of a renowned drama troupe RANGARATHI . Soma is a simple girl, madly in love with Sandip. However, he is a rogue who is simply playing with her emotions and very soon while on a trip to Diamond Harbour with her troupe she catches him with another woman. She is left heartbroken. She leaves her home town and sets out for Kolkata to make a fresh start. But the girl's hostel she takes up residence at, turns out to be a hub of illegal activities and as fate would have it, she is forced into prostitution like many other innocent girls coming from the poorer regions of the state. Her sad life is transformed when she meets Anal and persuades him to become her acting coach. She turns out to be a revelation and becomes famous under her screen name, Kanta. She also manages to avenge the act of treachery that her former lover had put her through. She realises her feelings for Anal, a man who had stood by her through thick and thin and because of whom she eventually found a new life. Anal confesses his love for her too. Finally she gets the happy ending she had always desired for. Watch the full movie, Aabirey Rangano online, only on Eros Now.