Dhritiman and Mamata are blessed with all the comforts of life; Wealth, family, prestige but the only bane in their lives is their childlessness. Dhritiman has an elder brother who gets married to Manasi. But unfortunately, Manasi dies at childbirth leaving behind a baby boy to fill the void in Mamata's life. In the meantime, Dhritiman's elder brother smells a conspiracy and uncovers a racket of counterfeit drugs. He realizes that due to the same counterfeit drugs he had lost everything. But instead of getting justice served, he is killed by the same gang he wants to expose. After a few years pass, Raja, now a young man wants to know the truth about his parents' death. But Dhritiman advises him to stay away from the whole affair, yet Raja stays firm on his target. One day he unearths a name, Sadanada Dutta who is the drug kingpin. Raja slowly advances towords his target and finds out the names of the whole group and one day he stumbles upon the shocking truth.