Thakur family had a reputation of their kind heart and helpfulness. Bijoy and his sister was the only living member of the family. Bijoy was a popular figure of that area for his helpful and supportive attitude. Rupa a loving girl of the same area loved Bijoy. Bilas Dutta a selfish and clever businessman tried to exploit the villagers with his different tricks and strategies. Local police also helped Bilas in his business. Once Bilas made a conspiracy against Bijoy and put him in jail. After that he created such a situation so that Bijoy s only sister committed suicide. After few years, Bijoy came out from jail and came to know everything from his friends. At the same time, Bilas made another false allegation against Bijoy and tried to put him in jail but this time Bijoy escaped cleverly. After a long struggle, Bijoy managed to get some clue and at last Bijoy took the revenge against Bilas Dutta and his gang.