The story is as A Hindu government serviceman comes to a muslim colony along with his wife, daughter Mou and son Raju. His wife is an anti-Islam fanatic. There are lives Sirajuddin Mohammad loves Raju and Mou. Siraj had lost his own family, therefore he loves Mou and Raju as his children. Mou and Raju also admire and respect Siraj as their father calling him 'Abbajan'. Their mother does not like their intimacy with Siraj but their father doesnt mind the relationship. At the time of finalisation of Mou's marriage with Pradip, Pradip's father demands dowry which Mou's father is unable to give due to which Mou's marriage is called off. When Siraj comes to know this, he offers to meet the demands of Pradip's parents. On the day of wedding Siraj's affection for Mou comes out in the open and everyone regrets the behavior meted out to Siraj.