Indrani belongs to an intense poor family and is made to do all the household chores even then she is mis-treated by her mother who finds it difficult to feed the family without any standing income. The father spent his time playing race and squandering away whatever left they had. Ultimately Indrani sets out in search of a job but is turned down by everyone till she runs into her friend Mamata who brings her home and gives her the job of a bar entertainer. Indrani, so desperate takes it with gratitude and her name is changed to Miss. Rita. Mamata lost his brother and his elder brother was taking into prison which forced her to this trade and missed him bitterly. However Miss. Rita is murdered. Mamata is saved by a clever plan hatched out by her brother, Abir with the help of the dog Moti he had befriended during the years he had lived in the streets. The wrong do-ers are punished and finally handed over to the police. Mr. Aggarwal the man behind the flesh trade and the murders are also taken into prison. Justice is given. The dog becomes the hero and saves the day with his life.