Rudra Prasad Chowdhury the owner of Chowdhury Group of industries lived happily with his family. His only son Himangshu came back after completing his education from foreign. Mohan an employee of Rudra Prasad was very closely associated with his family also. One day when Mohan s wife was severely ill and pregnant, he took some money from company cash without informing anyone and caught by the police. As a result, his wife died without any treatment. Himangshu and other family members requested Rudra Prasad to leave Mohan. In jail, Mohan made a plan to demolish Rudra Prasad family. At first, he hired a good-looking girl Purabi and created such a situation so that Himangshu fell in love with her. Immediately Himangshu got married. After few days, Purabi tried to kill Himangshu and pushed him from a high hill. When Rudra Prasad came to know everything, he got ill and with few days, he passed away. Mohan took the situation and took the post of Rudra Prasad. Anotherway, Himangshu Unfortuntly was saved by a doctor and a girl named Kajal. Doctor made a plastic surgery and gave him a new face as well as name. His new name was Sashanka. After a lot of effort, Sashanka regained his memory and with a fine plan, Sashanka again took revenge against Mohan. Watch the full movie, Baazikar, only on Eros Now.