Sudha and Amar both were childhood friends. Amar was a son of local Zamindar and Sudha a poor girl from the same village. When they grew up both of them decided to get married. Amar worked with snake venom and he used to do research on it. After their marriage, the religious mentor of the family came and declared that Sudha will be the reason of her husband s death. Immediately Sudha left her husband s house and took shelter to her relative s house. Suddenly Amar died in snakes bite. At the same time, Sudha went to Tarakeswar to pray to god for her husband s life. There she found her husband s body and she became mad and put her every effort to make Amar alive. Sudha goes to Tarakeshwar with Husband s body. Sudha committed every ritual religiously and showed her respect and faith to god. After a long struggle, a miracle happened and Sudha got back her husband back.