Sujit lives with an old servant Raghu and is happy with his bachelor life. One night a young and beautiful girl named Aparajita come to his doorstep and begs for help. She complains that her father intended to sell her off for some money. Sujit lets her stay for a while. Aparajita proves to be a homemaker and very soon wins the heart of both Sujit and Raghu. Sujit falls in love with her and they decide to get married. Sujit s cousin brother Bhaskar is a police inspector and loves Sutapa. However they cannot get married as Sutapa s elder sister Minu is unmarried and works hard to take care of her ailing youngest sister. On the day of their marriage registration, Aparajita s father comes back with the police and she agrees to go with him and informs the police against Sujit. After Aparajita leaves, Sujit comes to know that there was no one by the name of the policeman who had come with Aparajita s father. Sujit realizes that the whole incident was a scam and Aparajita had played trickery on him. He finds a letter from Aparajita begging for forgiveness. She mentions that her name is actually Minu and not Aparajita and that since she was the eldest of the family and did not get a respectable job, had joined a group of people who earned money by playing trickery on people. She was indeed Sutapa s elder sister. Sujit forgives Minu and all the lovers are united in the end.