Ranju is married to Moni. Moni is a simple girl with beauty beyond words. Ranju belongs to a high class zamindar family and lives in a palatial home with his huge family. Moni being an extremely nice person befriends every individual in the family. Everybody adores her. Her happy days are however numbered as she discovers a thread of lies, conspiracy and murder in the family. Desperate alcoholic housewives, perfectly normal and healthy wives married away to mentally deranged men just to save the family s honor etc. She realizes that the goddess Laxmi is kept as a prisoner in the temple so that the family s wealth remains intact. After hearing this story her physical and mental health starts detoriating. She feels she can hear the silent crying of a girl that she believes was coming from inside the temple. She finally makes up her mind to break the lock and set the Goddess free. However she is caught in action by her great mother in law and beaten up nearly killed. She however survives and runs away to save her life. Her husband and her sister-in-law convince her to return back and live a life of indifference like they had been living over the years. Bound by the ties of love and commitment she returns back to her family.