Ratan sees a courtesan on the roads of Kolkata and identifies her to be Sona, his long lost childhood lover who was kidnapped from the ghats of Benaras and could never be found again. He goes over to her place and finds out that she was indeed, Sona. However after being kidnapped her life had changed. She was forced into a life which she never wanted. Ratan urges her to come along with him, and after much dilemma, she gives in. They get married and move to a different place and start life afresh. However much to Ratan s horror, Sona s dark past haunt them until one day Sona is humiliated in public by one of her old clients who recognize her. Sona decides to leave his husband for good as she was the reason for his misery. True love wins in the end as Ratan promises to always be by her side no matter what the society s verdict is.