From the early days in her life, Margaret was a very rational kid. She was often criticized in her Catholic school for raising to many questions, but this couldn't change her nature as she matured into a full-grown woman. She became a teacher in a school and at the same time, she never missed an opportunity to help the poor and distressed. Miss Noble lost her fianc in a tragic accident and was going through a very tough phase in her life when she came in touch with the Indian preacher Swami Vivekananda. Swamiji's speeches inspired Noble, so did his philosophy. Soon she became a follower of Swamiji and came to India with an urge of serving the cause of downtrodden people of the, then British colony. She was deeply moved to know how miserably the Indians live their lives, among insufferable poverty and a thousand religious superstitions. Being a believer of woman empowerment Noble took the mission of educating the females. She faced a few hardships initially, but under Swamiji's guidance, she soon adapted the Hindu culture. She sacrificed her life for the purpose of the Indians, be it nursing the affected in times of an epidemic or supporting the revolutionaries in their struggle for freedom.