The movie narrates the tragic life story of Roshanbai and how she triumphs over the insensitive society. Roshanbai used to visit the bathing ghat every morning where she could hear the prayers of a brahmin. Roshan fell for him and decided to leave her profession. She wished to start a fresh life with the brahmin. She showered Sohanlal, the agent with money so that he would free her from the profession. One day Roshan pretending to be a destitute brahmin girl won the brahmin s attention and he gave her shelter. She was content with her new life at the brahmin s place. One day the brahmin proposed marriage to her. After marriage, Rposhan lived happily with the brahmin though they were extremely poor. One day Sohanlal disclosed Roshan s past to the brahmin. The brahmin was shocked at Roshan s deed of treacherously marrying him and left her forever. Sohanlal was successful in his wicked endeavour to take back Roshan for the prostitution business. Roshan tried to commit suicide but stopped herself as she was pregnant and wanted to bring up her child fighting all her adversities. She earned money by continuing her profession to bring up her child. Finally, we get to see that Roshan s son becomes a doctor signaling the victory for Roshan.