The story starts with the District magistrate Mr.Mukherjee who lives a blissfully happy existence with his wife, Mira and twin sons Indranath and Chandranath. They decide on a trip to visit Mr.Mukherjee s native village. An accident happens in the way and they lose their son Chandranath. Chandra was rescued and nursed back to health by a sage who adopts him as his own child. Years later, Chandra comes to the city and is taken advantage of and ill-treated till he meets Bhola, a taxi driver with whom he strikes up an odd friendship .Bhola lets him stay at his own house too. Meanwhile Bhola gets a job as the District magistrate s personal driver. Here he realises that his boss s lost son and Chandra are the same person and so brings him back to his parents. The whole family re-unites once again.