Mahendra was a renowned singer. One day he visits a village and falls in love with Shakuntala, the daughter of an old priest. Mahendra and Shakuntala get married and she is introduced into the new family. Shakuntala sings well too. After marriage, Mahendra s fame becomes even more widespread and everyone around gives credit to Shakuntala for having brought iin good luck for Mahendra. The husband takes this as a personal insult as he feels that his skills are not being rewarded. This leads to misunderstanding creeping into the relationship of the two. Shakuntala leaves Mahendra and starts staying in the village. She goes through a few hardships. Soon she is blessed with a baby boy who she names Shivam. Shivam and Shakuntala starts living in the village peacefully. One day Mahendra finds an injured Shivam on his way on the roads and takes him to the hospital. He soon realizes Shivam s identity and comes running to meet Shakuntala. He rescues his family from the hands of the scoundrel Nandu and takes them with him.