The story revolves around a simple daring man Satya s family. He is an ex-army man but loses an arm in the warfront and returns once again to the village where everyone, even his family has thought him to be dead. He has two sons and one daughter and lives happily with his wife. But trouble arises in the form of the local head of the village, Jiten Choudhury. He is a helpful and loving leader by morning and a cheap womaniser and drug dealer by night. Each and every villager lived in awe of him. Satya resents to bow under his power and threatens to expose his true intentions to the people, so is send in prison with a lifetime imprisonment for a sin he never commit. Meanwhile to escape the wrath of the influential leader, the wife migrates to the city with her kids and faces innumerable hurdles but somehow makes a place at last. The kids grow up to be strong and capable individuals and eventually crosses path with Jiten choudhury again. He is vanquished and his identity is exposed. Thereby, the good triumphs over the evil and the family starts living happily together again.