Priyoranjan and Ratnakar are very good friends. They are almost like brothers. Everything was fine until Priyo ties the knots with Chirosree. They get married against their parents wish. They start their new family in poverty, but with a lot of passion. Whenever they needed something Ratnakar was always there to help them. They have a baby boy also, but the situation changes soon as Ratnakar and Chiorosree gets close to each other. Priyo could not stand their friendship as he starts to dislike Ratnakar and finally he fights with Chirosree regarding this issue. In the meantime, he degrades as a person also. He goes to the racecourse and lands up in jail. Chirosree with her own merit and able guidance of Ratnakar starts a new business of cosmetics and soon finds success. She also gets unlikely help from the bank officer to avail a loan. In the end though Priyo gets released from jail and finds his wife and son. Finally, with the help of that very person Ratnakar Priyo is reunited with his family and the film ends on a happy note.